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Internship Scholarship Opportunities

Five-day Industry internships are now available for Undergraduate University students and Secondary Science Teachers. Through expansion of collaboration between Universities, Research and Development Corporations, Agribusinesses and PICSE, 2013/2014 has seen the extension of engagement and mentoring of students in their early stages of university studies along with senior secondary science and agriculture teachers.

An Undergraduate and Teacher Internship program has been developed to provide participants a practical experience with a diverse range of industries, designed to align with individual areas of interest. This involves an intensive five-day engagement with industry scientists, university researchers and agribusiness organisations affiliated within Australia’s diverse Primary Industry sector.

The program allows university undergraduates to experience first-hand the diversity of roles across the broad range of primary industries. This is designed to not only increase their awareness but also enables student to see  real-world applications beyond their often theoretical-focused tertiary studies. Through active participation with industry, students have the ability to make industry contacts, investigate future workforce opportunities and informed career decisions.

Industry Internship scholarships are available from all PICSE Activities centres, and if you interested in either applying for a scholarship, or offering to host an industry intern, please contact: or the Science Education Officer at your nearest Activity Centre.



RUN Maths & Science Digital Classroom

The Regional Universities Network and its partners (PICSE, CSIRO and AMSI) have released a brochure explaining the innovative digital classroom programs that have been implemented in regional Australia. Funded through the Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program, the RUN Maths and Science Digital Classroom booklet can be downloaded here.

Visit the RUN Maths and Science Digital Classroom for more details.



Science for Growth Awards Winners

2014 Science for Growth Awards prize winners have been announced with Alana Mastroianni, Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta (NSW), winning the National prize with her scientific investigation poster, Natural vs Chemical Antiseptics.


Visit Science for Growth Awards winners for more details.


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New funding for initiative encouraging students to become scientists

The Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PICSE) has been awarded $642,000 in Federal funding to help today’s students become tomorrow’s scientists.

The national program, titled Maximising Student and Teaching Engagement with Science Professionals to Address the Shortage of Qualified Science Professionals, received $642,000 through the Federally funded Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program. It will be delivered through PICSE, a program driven by the University of Tasmania in collaboration with a range of national and regional partners.

PICSE Program Manager, Mrs Kay Lembo, said the funding allows continuing support for encouraging students to pursue science based careers.

“Australia is extremely well-placed to capitalise on the ‘knowledge economy’, and science provides real opportunities for today’s young thinkers to become tomorrow’s thought leaders,” Mrs Lembo explained.

The PICSE project will expand a proven national program that addresses the shortfall of students, especially in regional areas, taking science from high school and into university by:

  • Helping talented young people transition to higher-education courses in preparation for entering the professional science-based workforce.
  • Providing an experiential suite of opportunities for students and their communities to engage in
  • Making science pathways real and desirable for students.
  • Increasing the knowledge and skills of teachers in delivering science subjects within the Curriculum, through engagement with local industry science professionals.

The PICSE National Office is based at UTAS Cradle Coast Campus in Burnie, North West Tasmania and the PICSE program operates through a range of Activity Centres based in regional locations around Australia.

The PICSE Science Education Officers, based predominantly at Australian partner universities, are looking forward to continuing engagement with local teachers and students to support the promotion of science based careers.

Mrs Lembo highlighted the critical nature of the project’s focus on supporting the professional development of teachers, as well as direct engagement of both regional and urban students and creating direct connection with innovative employers.

National Media contact: PICSE Program Manager, Kay Lembo 0407 028 182


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Science for Growth Awards (SGA): to improve understanding among school students and science teachers of the science-based career opportunities available in primary industries and Australian agribusiness.

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