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RUN Maths & Science Digital Classroom

The Regional Universities Network and its partners (PICSE, CSIRO and AMSI) have released a brochure explaining the innovative digital classroom programs that have been implemented in regional Australia. Funded through the Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program, the RUN Maths and Science Digital Classroom booklet can be downloaded here.

Visit RUN Maths and Science Digital Classroom for details.


Science for Growth Awards Winners

2014 Science for Growth Awards prize winners have been announced with Alana Mastroianni, Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta (NSW), winning the National prize with her scientific investigation poster, Natural vs Chemical Antiseptics.

. Visit Science for Growth Awards winners for more details.

The following announcement marks the end of an era for the University of Tasmania with PICSE.

National management of the PICSE program has been formally concluded at the University of Tasmania on 31/12/14. After this date, any PICSE activities and PICSE brand have no association or no assigned responsibility with the University of Tasmania. PICSE will be in transition from 2015. During this time, a new host organisation is being sought so it's business-as-usual for the following activity centres:


PICSE recommends this video from What's Hatching (a newsletter produced by Australian Seafood CRC Aquaculture, IMAS and FRDC)



The latest PICSE resource is now available online Living Science: Food, Agricultural Science and Natural Resource Careers can be found here...

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